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Dear Don: ‘lunatic fringe’…

Dear Don,

As a proud member of the lunatic fringe, anything I might say would be complimentary.

Seriously, if thinking for yourself… even being at a tangent to reality… gains you that epithet, then I just wish there were more of us…

Not so ‘early’ with the theatre tickets… I’m not that old and I have fond memories of being ‘up in the gods’. Oddly, I’ve sat in the front row of the stalls, the dress circle and, occasionally, in the posh boxes… but there is a real magic about standing so high above the stage and getting a completely different perspective of the whole theatre. You can see why those ‘seats’ got their name.

No, we would never had seen the Middleton Crosses had our ‘third’ not tried the door… we would probably never have bothered to try again and we would have missed so much. It was our third visit too… It is a very different artistic style, though, from our Loki. Much ‘stiffer’.

I keep trying to watch the film…but at the moment, I never seem to get a moment. If I’m not out, the ruddy phone is ringing… I have a craving for quiet spaces and no phone reception…

I did, however, have a look at the sculptures you mentioned. One of the golden balls seems to be part of a montage suggesting that science upholds the world.

What else can you expect from Emperors who claim descent from the Romans?

I can’t find anything else about them though, so I have no idea if they are of the same mysterious construction as Dashwood’s affair.

You know about the theory that Dashwood was supposed to have used the ball to signal to his friend, John Norris (who also built a tower… some say it too had a golden ball…) over twenty miles away, using a heliograph? There is a suggestion that they were sharing intelligence, in which Benjamin Franklin may have been involved, during the American War of Independence.

I like our theory better, though the one does not preclude the other…

The Beast, who appears to have had a very busy day, is now vociferously objecting to cats, so I’d better go…


Wen x

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