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Dear Wen: Shadow-play…

Dear Wen,

Wishing there were more of us is an admirable place to start.

Imagine how many more people and how much more quickly they would have awoken had more of them ventured forth on our ‘Facing Fears’ weekend.

The land has much to teach us.

The Gods and real magic also has a certain ring to it and is probably the actual reason those seats were so named, but hey! If the cap fits…

The Loki stone is a far more dynamic and fluid sculpture, more befitting the God’s nature, perhaps, and once bound he is also a candidate for ‘Shadow-dom’.

There is no reason to suspect that the film is anything other than what it purports to be in a traditional, nay almost classic sense, save for the cinematography…

They seem to have sculpted freizes around the ‘Golden Globes’ don’t they. Wars of Independence have an awful lot going for them at the moment.Entrance to Palais Pallavicini, Josefplatz, Vienna, Austri… | Flickr

…The abundant use of the ‘Dutch Angle’ may be indicative of more than the lead character’s disorientation in an alien, war-torn environment. More even than the apparent mis-reading of his old friend’s motives for friendship…

They could symbolise the light of reason, or simply the sun. They could even be ‘alchemical’. All of which is intriguing to say the very least.

…If post-war Vienna represents the fractured modern psyche, then Holly is a man lost and in  search of his shadow…

Yes, I noticed the Empiric claims of descent too! (Achh phut)

…All this, in the film, is intricately bound up with the ‘feminine perspective’.

Any ideas on the identity of the caryatids gathering around ‘Harry’s doorway’? They were much later additions, apparently, and utterly preposterous! Our cinematographer is careful never to shoot them ‘face on’ bless him, a true artist in every sense of the word…

birds 2 007Cats, and pigeons, and horses,

Oh, and hot-air balloons,

Not forgetting sparrows, and postmen,

And anyone else who happens to walk past the door.

He really is a cantankerous old bugger isn’t he…

Love, Don x


Photograph –  Palais Pallavicini facade, Stuart Smith

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