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Dear Wen: Heaven ‘n’ Earth…

Dear Wen,

‘An older tradition’ is always a good place to start, and ‘ponder’ certainly has a watery aspect to it, though ‘charming the mind’ should, perhaps, be enchanting the mind…

It is clear that the ancients had a far more personal, which is not to say intimate, relationship with the planetary bodies than we do today, despite our ‘longing’ to reach some of them…

No mention of the Moon in the film, unfortunately, although all the night time locations were doused with water so that they would shine and glisten and throw shadows onto the screen…

‘He’s already in Hell,’ says the Porter and points to the sky, ‘or Heaven,’ he shrugs, and indicates the earth.

File:Insignia of Knights of the Austrian Order of the Golden Fleece.svg - Wikimedia Commons

It would be easy to regard this as merely a piece of black humour were it not mirrored later in the film by something Anna says to Major Calloway when he is ‘needling’ her for information about Harry and his gang, ‘What can I tell you but – that you have it all upside down’.

Surely, it would have been much more natural to say, ‘wrong’?

The Austrian Porter knows only a, ‘little English’ so his mistake is, perhaps, understandable.

Anna, at this point in the screenplay, still knows nothing of Harry’s serious crimes so her statement is entirely understandable and yet, from the psychological perspective, what they say is true.

In the integrated psyche the ‘I’ overcomes the ‘over I’, and elevates the shadow from the depths of the subconcious…

A process which, curiously, may also have been symbolised by Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece. I probably only know the story from the ‘Ray Harryhausen film’, which was one of my favourites as a child. Though I note, with some relish, that Robert Graves has produced a historical re-telling.

…The result is, ‘heaven on earth’, or at least, a more heavenly earth than the relatively hellish earth experienced previously.

Our ‘Heads of State’ then, presumably, are supposed to be administering this heaven on behalf of their subjects.

Hmmm… not sure!

It may be that all institutions on earth, however admirable their initial intentions, inevitably, become corrupted over time… which reminds me,

If the Foul-Fell-Fetcher

has risen again

and is smacking

his slobbery chops…

Then we must away!


Don x




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