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Dear Wen: Gravid…

Dear Wen,

Yes, the ‘constructors’ of the myths knew of the human soul, and how it functions best, and were keen to communicate this information, and to pass on the secrets of its cultivation to their prospective charges. A pity the same cannot be said of those who designate themselves our ‘controllers’ today.

Taking the old tales literally is a little like trying to use a tooth-pick to tackle the job of a spade.

Who would think to attempt that?

I am hardly likely to object to opening doors…

In the film , the military policeman, Major Calloway, represents, the’Uber ich’ or ‘Over I’.  Calloway refers to the second world war as ‘Business’. His name may be a contraction of ‘callous way’. When Holly declares that he wants to get to the bottom of things, Calloway responds, ‘Death’s at the bottom of everything Martins, leave death to the professionals.’ Which is certainly a very callous reply…

HM15 318Your penchant for mainstream interpretations does not become you, sovereignty is better than royalty but sovereignty over which realm, or whose?

The precise number of Hydra’s heads has been troubling me for some time. The accounts seem to vary. Both seven and nine, which appear to be the ‘front-runners’, are psychologically interesting and well worth ‘unpacking’.

Seven would be the planetary bodies, led by the Sun, and lurking in the subconscious mind, their energies eternally untapped.

Nine would be the enneatypes, led by the Moon, their energies dissipated by continually sparring with each other in the conscious mind.

…Yet, in a way, Holly, a rank amateur, does get to the bottom of things. After seeing Harry in a momentarily lit but otherwise shadowed doorway and chasing him, or rather his shadow, into a square, where both man and shadow have somehow disappeard, he contacts Calloway. ‘It wasn’t the German gin,’ the Major confides to his Sergeant, Paine, upon discovering an entrance to the sewers, and then, ‘We should have dug deeper than the grave!’…

I think it was rather mean of you to put up that film clip from ‘Jason…’  I may now have to relive a part of my childhood.

…The sewers, here, represent the subconscious mind and so are both literally, and figuratively, much deeper than the grave.

Bdogs 001ut there are other things that run as deep…

Though, clearly not the Black Beast,

who thinks only about ‘balls of power’,

things that fly through the air

and food…

Tsk, tsk, tsk… if only he had a sense of humour about these things.

Love, Don x



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