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…A Month of Sundays.

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The Old Sterling Ten Pound Note (obverse)


The Sundays of my youth were quiet days,

primarily because in those far off times our country

still regarded the first day of the week as a rest day.

Most of the shops were shut and public transport was at best intermittent.

The roads reluctantly opened themselves up to a dreaded scourge, ‘Sunday Drivers’!


Since lockdown, here in Sunny Sheffield, every day is very much like those Old Sundays,

with perhaps one major difference, a lot of people now wear face masks and rubber gloves…

Because I am a Key Worker I have to ‘brave’ the outside world every week-day

to get to and from my place of work and, despite myself, I cannot help thinking

how ridiculous these people look in the early spring sunshine.


A month on from the lockdown’s inception and our city’s free newspaper is once

again indignant about the lack of Personal Protective Equipment for our front line health workers.

A frivolous thought, if we are still allowed to have them…

I wonder how Florence Nightingale got on without any?

How could she, who worked for up to twenty hours per day amid those dying of a fever

which raged during the Crimea War of 1853-56, have survived that scourge herself?

Many of her colleagues died in that service yet she did not?


Whilst, the Materialists may struggle to adequately answer such a question

without resorting to good fortune, the seasoned Esotericist does not.

He or she explains the phenomena in terms of personal karma

and says simply that Florence Nightingale survived because she did not have

a karmic dispensation towards infectious diseases!


As one can doubtless imagine such statements are anathema

to those ‘ruling elites’ intent on pushing

the global pandemic agenda.

There is a free, natural, solution to any and all viral outbreaks, and its operation

has been understood and utilised for at least two-hundred years or more?


This is just one reason why such a statement

may be worth exploring in a little more detail…



11 thoughts on “…A Month of Sundays.”

  1. There’s a lot of “luck” involved in good health. If your parents were healthy and long-lived, the odds favor you following in their path or paths. And some people have very strong immune systems. Others, on the other hand, come from families where heart disease and cancer are common and lethal. Others, like me (I guess), GET the diseases — ALL of them — but somehow survive them despite all odds saying otherwise. Why? I have NO idea. I should be dead thrice over — at least, but I’m not. I’m, as my son puts it, rather busticated, but I trundle along — slowly and carefully — moaning and groaning but somehow, staying alive if not entirely well.

    I’m sure there are reasons for all of this. Perfectly good scientific reasons. But I think there’s more to it than that. Some people seem to have a powerful grip on life that keeps clinging to it no matter how many terrible things happen to them.

    So may we survive “bustication” and live on, despite all the negatives. Love to all.

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