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…A Month of Sundays: Lady’s Lamp.

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Florence Nightingale 1820-1910


… Florence Nightingale’s spiritual life was graced by contact

with the last of the Esoteric Medical Orders.

The Sisters of Charity, was a religious order founded by St Vincent de Paul in 1634.

Such orders had truck with the Order of Hospitallers in Palestine

 which were originally established

to serve the Templars and the pilgrims they protected.


Make no mistake, these were all Hermetic Orders.

Reincarnation was one of the great secrets of the Hermetic Schools

which taught that, all things being equal, humans incarnate

from lifetime to lifetime in alternate sexes.


If true, this would suggest that todays

rampant gender confusion may well be inspired

by past life memories.


But what does the Hermetic Tradition tell us concerning the spiritual

origins of infectious diseases or, to phrase the

question in a slightly different way, what events in an earlier

lifetime are likely to give a pre-disposition towards infectious diseases

in a later one?


In brief, the urge to acquire things of a material nature,

is transformed, in subsequent incarnations,

into a propensity to acquire infectious diseases, and vice versa…


Among the vows taken by the Templars and other Hermetic Orders

were those of poverty and chastity!

That is, vows of non attachment to material things.


Membership of such Orders, in this scenario,

ideally equips one to become a healer in subsequent lifetimes.


Is it in the light of such wisdom that we can trace

the strange and dedicated life of Florence Nightingale? …


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