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… Now Grey set light to his brand and went out on his watch with Fin’s dog, Bran, trotting along up ahead.

He came to the same house that Brown and Black had visited but looking inside he found it to be full of dead bodies.

‘A wonder here and no mistake!’ thought Grey to himself, ‘if I hide myself among the dead bodies I may discovery what is afoot.’

So Grey lay down under a pile of the bodies and before long an old hag entered the house.

One leg, one arm and one upper tooth had the hag, which latter was as long as a leg and served as a crutch.

In among the corpses she hobbled throwing the lean bodies to one side and taking two bites of flesh from the fatter ones.

She had her fill of flesh and blood before reaching Grey and collapsed to the floor to sleep off her gruesome meal.

With every breath she drew, Grey was sure she would pull down the roof of the house and with every out breath blow it away into the night.

Gathering his courage, Grey  pushed away the bodies which lay on top of him and stood to draw his sword, all the time wondering at the bulk of the old hag.

As soon as he slashed at her three young giants emerged from her body.

The first, Grey slew, the second, Bran gored to death whilst the third ran off into the night.

Grey followed suit, returning to the Fountain of Tara just as his flaming brand was finally flickering out. His watch was over. …


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