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The Illusion of Power

Image: Pixabay CC0

There were those who walked the earth who looked not into the eyes of Nut, but whose ears were caught by the whispering hiss of Apep on the threshold of dream. There were some who, looking into his eyes, were hypnotised by his gaze and saw only him, bowing down and worshipping before him, seeking their own reflection in the mirrored glance.

Caught by the illusion of power, blinded to its destructive darkness, they sought dominion over others, seeking to be as the gods. Do you not know, O Man, that the rule of the gods is not dominion but service?

We are not to be bought or cajoled with gifts to the Temple, we cannot be bribed or cursed or corrupted. We are the Living Law, perfect even in our seeming imperfections and thus we serve the Purpose that moves through all Creation.

Yet it has always been thus with your kind. You see only that you wish to see and are then caught in the coils of your own misunderstanding.

Extract from The Osiriad

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