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Ars Geometrica: ABC’s…


‘…The secret of the magic of life consists in using action in order to attain non-action…’
– The Book of Heavenly Consciousness

For the next few hours we were as if transported.
We went nowhere, bodily, yet the vistas contained in that little book.
And yet it was little more and in some respects much less even than a book.
The twenty or so pages held within its gold plated covers were unnumbered and loose leafed and were exquisitely hand drawn, written and coloured on the finest parchment.
There was no way of telling the order in which they were supposed to be read.
Our studies helped with some of it if only to render us a foot-hold.
We recognised a number of the lists and had previously come across broadly similar ideas.
For example it had recently been posited in one of our meetings that some of the Christian Miracles related to geometrical constructs and that the land of Atlantis, as meticulously described by Plato, could also be similarly viewed but to what purpose or to what end?
What we had here, though, was more like an ‘ABC’ of such concepts.

It will be as much as we can do to reproduce as accurately as we may some of its contents.
The ‘First’ Leaf:



Beneath this deceptively simplistic geometrical construction was the following Alchemical Maxim which appeared in the loose leaves of the book as given here below.


Had we realised that ‘over’ is contained in govern? We had not.
You will notice that the maxim is contained in the final shape of the previous plate and also that in order to achieve this shape from their start points the two triangles have to, as it were, traverse the alternative realm, that is, ‘heaven’ must become ‘earth’ and vice versa.

We assume that as there are three statements and also three shapes, they are meant to be related to each other. We may of course be quite wrong in this assumption yet the immediately following leaf of the book appeared to confirm such a proposition giving as it did what can only be regarded as an Alchemical Key to the Work which was couched in broadly similar terms.

The ‘Second’ Leaf:
3. Gold: the result when Art perfects Nature…
2. Art: the state we seek to create…
1. Nature: the state we find ourselves in…

‘Three Sevens…’ We marvelled to ourselves, and then ‘Gold as a Hidden Third.’
But enough already…
Upon reaching this stage in our studies, we found to our surprise that the sun had already set and darkness had descended…


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