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Ars Geometrica: Ask…


‘…We shall all be changed for this mortal,
must put on immortality.’
– The ‘Eleventh’ Leaf.

…Our respect for the stranger at our door grew.
This little device appeared to effectively marry the elements and directions in a four-fold equilibrium…
And as any aspiring psychoanalyst or psychologist knows the four-fold equilibrium of the psyche represents optimum health for the individual…
…Butterflies as souls.
We thought again of the girl whose book we now perused but who had appeared much too young to know this…
And then her voice rang out clear in our mind.

‘There is a sense in which one is one self:
There is a sense in which one is also every one else.
Such thinking is alien to the personality:
Cultivate it!’

It could have been an auditory hallucination.
We had been studying now long into the early hours.
It certainly made very little sense in conventional terms.
As if to compound our possible insanity we answered her back:
‘We will follow your instruction if you can answer a question.’

Nothing… Silence…and then…
‘Why the Blind Seer?’ we said, thinking ourselves very clever.

‘Not difficult,’ was the response, ‘If one already knows what is to happen one hardly need see it transpire.’

It was a good answer.
It was an exceptionally good answer…


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