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Beyond the bounds: Contact…


But what would the first meeting have looked like?


Like Cortez, or Cook, or Columbus…


The travellers, apparalled differently, brought gifts,

and some of these were, later, still deemed worthy of record…


Their manners, and customs, and skills were remarkable,

and they picked up the new language in a twinkling.


Their first monuments were small in scale,

but highly efficacious.


They spread like wild fire…


The stories of their homeland were strange,

beautiful yet fabulous.


They were not regarded as ‘Divinities’,

until they disappeared!


Even then, there were numerous nay sayers.


Where did they come from?

Where did they go?


Nobody really knows.


There are, though, still many tales,

which allude to their history…




4 thoughts on “Beyond the bounds: Contact…”

  1. How incredible are these moments of discovery of a new culture, a new race, etc. And would that they would always be beneficial to both sides and that the friendships would last through eons of time and become even more beautiful as the people mixed and married and bore children and learned the ways of each other. Well, one can always dream . . .

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