Albion, ancient sites, Don and Wen

‘Lest we forget’…


“Who said their ‘Gods’ had to be exotic anyway?”


“I mean, the anthropologists have written tome after tome evidencing our ‘own High God’s’ development from the ‘lowly’ corn spirit.”

“‘Good’ originally, meant ‘good to eat’.”

“From Fodder to God, er…”


“The original inhabitants of New Zealand took their god with them, from Peru…”


“The Potato God.”

“Seems almost sacrilegious.”

“It does now, but the real sacrilege is forgetting our livelihood

still depends upon staple foods.”

“A sobering thought.”

“We didn’t have potatoes, mind…”

“No, Sir Walter brought them over…”

“Their God, he left behind…”

“But we did have something else.”


“Friends, Britons, Countrymen, I give you…”

“The God of…”



“I like turnips.”

“So do I, especially at Halloween.”

“Which we did not have this year.”

“Amongst other things we also missed out on…”


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