Psychology, spirituality

Pure in Heart…


We can consider knowledge as a function of being.


A change in the being of the knower

brings corresponding changes in the tone and tenor of knowledge.


In growing from child to adult for example

knowledge becomes more conceptual

and systemic in form and its factual utility increases.


These gains are offset by a deterioration

in the quality of immediate apprehension

and a blunting or loss of intuitive insight.


The astronomer equipped with a telescope

appears to possess a god-like perception

when compared to the sky-gazer with a naked-eye.


God-like in scope and detail but less romantic perhaps

less prone to flights of mythological fancy.


What we know depends on what we

choose to make of ourselves!


‘Blessed are the pure in heart

for they shall inherit the earth.’


For this reason

proponents of the prevailing view

are often regarded as savants or sages

as enlightened or wise ones.


It is to these people that we should have recourse…


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