Et in Arcadia Ego…


In English, Latin loan-words carry overtones of intellectual,

moral and aesthetic superiority that are not

borne by their Anglo-Saxon equivalents:

‘maternal’ for ‘motherly’ for example or ‘intoxicated’ for ‘drunk’ etc.


Unfortunately, our word for ego, ‘personality’, is derived from the Latin,

and thus carries with it a high degree of respectability.

Were we to use its Anglo-Saxon equivalent, which we seldom ever do,

we may not be so enamoured of its glamourous yet wholly disreputable charms.


The Anglo-Saxon word for ego is ‘selfness’.


“What, that very selfness which the prevailing view at all times

and in all places declares must be overcome in order to achieve

unitive knowledge and awareness of the Divine Source?”


“Yes, that’s the one…”


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