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For purveyors of the Prevailing View,

to be a self is the primal vice and to die

to self, in feeling, will, and intellect is the final virtue.


It can only be the memory of such formulations

that calls up the unease

with which we find ‘selfness’ is still associated.


In contradistinction the favourable overtones of ‘personality’

seem also to be due to what has been claimed for the ‘persons’

of the Christian Trinity. Yet these persons have nothing in common

with the flesh-and-blood persons of our everyday lives except the

‘indwelling spirit’ with which we are supposed to identify but

which we prefer to ignore in favour of our separate selfness.


We love our selfness and thus we give it the self-same

designation as the Divine Trinity.

4 thoughts on “Selflessness…”

  1. For many years, I have ‘railed’ against the prevailing views that simultaneously say, “There will never be another you, unique and provide just what you do – let your little light shine!” and in next breath say, “Only when you surrender your need for ego/individuality, uniqueness and see your total affnity with every other being around you, will you truly know peace” – I found peace FINALLY, when I learned, ‘no one will say/do it exactly like I do, in the where, when and what I am responding/reacting/motivated to do/say, but I will never say/do anything unique and I have more in common with every one else than I think and while I’m not the beach – I’m the grain of sand that makes the beach just what it is, in this moment….oh – wait – the beach is NEW now – – LOL. “I am but a grain of sand upon the beach but without me, the beach is not the exact same’ was the line that FINALLY made it clear enough to me that I could sit with the incongruency of it all (and yes, to my latest research? Incongruency is not a real word – trying to get it added to the dictionaries – – we shall see….. LOL)

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