Fairy Tale, Folk Tale, Psychology

Buzzards Big as Bears…


…Some of the roadside buzzards we pass resemble small bears,

which I suppose makes them rather large birds!

A lot has happened since our last visit to Avalon.

A lot has happened this past year.

Will it have altered our reception?

The first thing I notice at the ‘nine-mile-mark’ is that the tower on the Tor is too square!

“It has always been square,” says Wen, reasonably.

“I expect so, I just didn’t notice it before that’s all.”

“Anyway, I’m not sure a thing can be too square, I mean it’s either square or it is not!”

Hard to argue with that, “It needs to be a Round Tower.”

“A Rapunzel tower?”

“Possibly, or no tower at all.”

“It is pretty iconic these days!”

“Even so, there are a host of problems with Rapunzel.”

“Oh really…” smiles Wen, acknowledging the rather forced turn in the conversation,

“And what are the problems with Rapunzel?”

“It is not possible to climb a tower by somebody’s hair, without breaking their neck,

no matter how long it has grown.”

“Then it must be symbolic.”

“If the tower has no door or stairs how did Rapunzel get up there in the first place?”

“Why, then it must be symbolic.”

“There is no location given for the tower, we know only that it has thorns at its base.”

“Oh, then it is definitely symbolic.”

“Symbolic of what?”


“And why does Gothel go to visit Rapunzel on a daily basis?”


“And why does she need to incarcerate her in the tower anyway?”

“Ah, we are told that. It is because Rapunzel is the most beautiful maiden in all the land.”

“Why should beauty alone be sufficient reason for incarceration?”


“Like I said, there are numerous problems with Rapunzel.” …

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