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Sleeping Giant…

harvest being 2014 060


…After watching the, again, somewhat recalcitrant sun-up, we decide to head back for breakfast via the cluster of, albeit haphazardly, positioned stones which we have come to call ‘the recumbents’.

This is something of a risk, as we do not yet know what the stones represent and our Companions will undoubtedly be expecting a little more than, ‘we have a vague notion based on the feel of this place that it is something although we are not quite sure what.’

However, as an example of how we work, in and with the landscape, it is accurate and will highlight the experiential approach which both we and the ancients favour.

And this we do, telling the story of the site’s gradual introduction to our consciousness and the subsequent discoveries over the course of our last few visits.

We don’t have an ending of course, except that we now do and that ending has become a beginning for, as we turn to leave the site by a slightly different route than we have done previously, Wen sees it.

“It’s a giant’s head and breast!” …


Book Three of the Doomsday Series

Stuart France & Sue Vincent

“There had better be a damn good reason for all this…”
Wen has a plan and a dangerous glint in her eye. The crow bar and air rifle are not reassuring. Neither is the presence of a black-clad figure in the back seat of the car…

Albion, a land where standing stones choose to disappear and time itself is unreliable. Ancient stone, Norse gods, and the legendary staff of Joseph of Arimathea … Don and Wen are back on the trail, delving deep into mythology and symbolism to unravel the secrets of the Old Ones.

This time they are not alone. What is the mysterious Black Shade that haunts them as they seek answers to arcane riddles in a magical landscape.

And why is Ben wearing a balaclava?

Find out at Amazon UK, and worldwide, in paperback and for Kindle.


16 thoughts on “Sleeping Giant…”

  1. Boy, that giant shows up as clear as anything I have ever seen! What a magnificent view and also I loved that statement at the end about being born into this world asleep, and how when we awake, it is as giants in another world. Wow! Really powerful!!!

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