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Mister Fox: Winter’s Tail…

Where is Mister Fox? The night howls in triumph… pale eyes watch from the shadows… It is the night of the Hunter’s Moon and the dancing ground should be alive with flame as the Foxes dance in the dark. But the dancing ground is deserted. They are gone. No earthly light pierces the gloom, only the sickly glow of a veiled moon.

Don and Wen stare in disbelief. Whispers in the shadows, a faceless voice, a tale of ambush and betrayal… of Foxes driven from their home and scattered, condemned to wander far from their ancestral lands. Charles James Fox wounded… none has seen him since that fateful night. Will the Hunter’s Moon pass in darkness? Have the Demon Dogs succeeded in their mission to bring eternal winter to the land? Or will their celebrations be short-lived?

For none may mar the Dancing Ground
Nor add their darkness to the night,
Nor stand against the Silver Fox,
The wielder of the Staff of Light…

Mister Fox: Winter’s Tail

Stuart France and Sue Vincent

Available via Amazon UK and

winters tail collage

26 thoughts on “Mister Fox: Winter’s Tail…”

  1. Reblogged this on Barb Taub and commented:
    When I reviewed the first book in this series of newly-timeless legends, I said: “…this little book is more than the sum of its parts. The glowing artwork, with its puzzles and hints at so much more, is a much a part of the voice and the magic as the spare words. You can’t read this book as much as experience it. But if you do, you’ll know how art and fire and dance can combine to make magic. And just maybe a sky-full of stars too.”

    I’ve just ordered my copy, and can’t wait for the magic to arrive!

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  2. How exciting! Congrats to both of you! I just bought it! I own more books than any mortal can read in a lifetime, but I’m certain I will get to this one – I plan to leave it on my desk until I read it, not on my TBR list.

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