‘The Death of God’?…


Those who speak against killing

and would desire to spare the lives

of all conscious beings are correct.


But what about people who kill time?

And what of those who destroy wealth,

or who murder the economy of their societies,

should they be overlooked?


And what of those who preach without enlightenment,

do they kill God?



3 thoughts on “‘The Death of God’?…”

  1. Every cruel act is a dagger into the Heart of Love, and if you imagine this to be blarney, Jesus in words, reminds us, how our mean natures etc is the partial death of the soul within, but imagine in times as these, all those who see strife in their lives, and perhaps have no notion of the world to come, how empty the feeling inside, only your conscience to hold onto, and in truth, the human race has not actually excelled, in terms of caring even about clean water, add your thoughts, and see what conclusions you arrive at, amen

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