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‘Odin with attendant wolves – Sutton Hoo burial purse.’


A number of things following on from a double documentary which popped up in my ‘in-box’.

The documentary was a compilation piece about the discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasures which I assume has become current again because of the recent film, ‘The Dig’ fictionalising the same.

The first documentary was a Nineteen-Sixty-Nine effort telling the story and showing the artefacts and was rather splendid. The second was the Nineteen-Eighty-Five version ostensibly doing the same except really just a catalogue of boffins expounding on the ‘god-like’ powers of their new toys.

Could we have fallen so far from grace in the space of sixteen years? Apparently we, could and, did.

But anyway, what I wanted to talk about was the idea of burying a boat.

The Sutton Hoo burial was Anglo-Saxon and it has been surmised that the grave-mound in which the boat burial was discovered was that of the Anglo-Saxon king Raedwald.

The boat was sail-less and would have been powered by a number of oarsmen.

It is tempting to think that one of the same boats that brought the Germanic invaders to these shores to settle was then buried with their dead king in it as he set out for his journey to the other-world.

It strikes me that this idea is both poetic and profound.

The other curiously synchronistic aspect to the story was that the unearthing and bringing to light of the Sutton Hoo treasure hoard occurred simultaneously with Great Britain’s entry into the war against Nazi Germany in September Nineteen-Thirty-Nine

This is not the first time, and nor presumably will it be the last, that unearthing ‘long-lost’ relics has coincided with significant ‘parallel’ events in the outer realm.

Makes me wonder…

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