Doggerel : A book review

Another lovely review for Ani’s book…

Doggerel by Sue Vincent ISBN 9781910478226


I spent a very cosy evening curled up in bed with Ani last night.
This is another collection of poems and the photographs had me wanting to reach out and scratch those fluffy ears, tickle that lovely tummy, and cuddle away the sadness in those woeful eyes. Oh, the expressions that matched the verses so perfectly!

I can well understand Ani not liking a bath, preferring to be dog smelling than that of flowers, the obsession with a particular ball that gets lost never to be found, and a replacement that simply will not do, until a certain person comes to play.
How I can identify with a poorly furbaby, one who somehow cottons on that treats will be more forthcoming if they don’t get well in too much of a hurry.
The war on moulting, a four legs helping with the housework as…

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