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Head of the Serpent…


2001 – ‘War on Terror’

2020 – ‘War on Coronavirus’


There is an old adage that if you chop off the tail of a snake,

the head will turn around and bite you,

but if you chop off its head,

then the tail has nowhere to go.



The symbol of the ouroboros

is one that is closely associated with the Royal Art of Alchemy.

It can be utilised to illustrate many of the numerous processes

encountered when treading the Royal Path.


The Alchemical Art is both a practicum and a meditation.


By running the stages of an event over and over in the mind,

the extraneous details fall away to leave the salient points,

which can then be amalgamated into the real gist of any occurrence.



Nineteen years is a Sun Cycle.


‘Where did all the terrorists go?’

‘The coronavirus ate them.’


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