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Cool of Day…


…Abadel’s soul escaped from his body: it flew about the scene

of slaughter and eventually settled on the tree of life, where it

assumed the form of a serpent and coiled itself about the trunk.


Abadel’s blood lay bubbling and seething where it had been spilled.


“What have you done? ” cried Yva.


“Look, I am a god, I am stronger than Abadel, you are

now mine alone to treasure and my heart is gladdened.”


Yva yielded to Abadam and they lay together until the cool of day.



Caravan to Cairns

Stuart France

Two young men, a road trip across the Australian Outback, strange encounters in isolated settlements… and a book that will change one of them forever.

From the harsh heat of the dusty road to the cool of the Temple, two stories… one immediate, one timeless… intertwine to illuminate each other.

Many scholars believe that the Gospel of Thomas preserves a glimpse into the oral tradition of the Essenes. The book is a collection of sayings, parables and dialogues attributed to Jesus. In this unique interpretation author and essayist, Stuart France brings the oral tradition to life, retelling the Gospel in his own words, in the way it may have been told around the hearth-fires of our fore-fathers.

Accompanied by in-depth comments which draw upon the Mystery School Tradition, The Living One provides a new window on an age-old story.

“… fascinating and unique …”  Amazon review

Available in Paperback Amazon UK &

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