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Callanish Calling: Star Stones…


‘Imposing though it may be, it is also cramped…’

– Burl


… “And in any case, it’s the wrong time of year!”


“I had that thought too, but we could just treat it as a ‘reckie’.”


“A ‘reckie’ for what? We’re hardly going to be able

to drag anyone else all the way out there.”


“Perhaps not, but as we are so close,

and we may not be as close again for some time,

if ever, we have to get there!”


“We will get there, if we pay the price.”


‘In it the moon dances continuously the night through

from vernal equinox to the rising of the Pleiades.’

-Diodorus Siculus



13 thoughts on “Callanish Calling: Star Stones…”

      1. Our trip to Scotland this year was canceled but we are already signed up for next year, Probably won’t get to see the stones that time (Smithsonian tour) but I’ve talked my husband into doing a trip on our own after that!

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