Albion, Don and Wen, sacred sites, Stuart France, Trickster

Callanish Calling: Light of the World…


…What we had thought were the distant hills of Bonny Scortland,

so recently traversed, turned out to be the hills of Skye herself yet to be encountered.


This trip was already proving to have more surprises than a Jack-in-the-Box.

But, no matter…


One of the things that all the travellers to the Isles mention is the light.

We were about to experience this at first hand, and in more ways than one.


Having just been introduced to the hills of Skye…

They promptly disappeared

from sight completely

behind a veil of dense mist.


Which at other times, and in other places,

we would have had no hesitation in calling Dragon’s Breath…


Leaving us again wondering

whether or not what we had seen

was real?


There was to be a lot of that…

10 thoughts on “Callanish Calling: Light of the World…”

  1. I so love this writing. It is almost more like a painting than writing. I can so clearly sense it in my mind even though I have never been anywhere near there (or so I believe at least). I guess magic can do a lot of things to us we are not aware of. Thank you all for sharing this beautiful writing. I just love it!

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  2. I reckon that Dragons could go just about anywhere they wanted to because they are all-powerful beings. They might also like to go to different places where the people are afraid of them. There are supposedly those of them who do not fear them and who befriend them and have been known to ride upon them. Isn’t it strange that power is in the eyes of the beholders?

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      1. But as I noted, power and the degree of it is in the eye of the beholders, and I know from the movies and books (wow, what good resources) just how powerful most people believe they are. Not saying they are not mind you. I believe in dragons. Why not??? There is a fine line between what we know and what we think we know . . .

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