Albion, ancient sites, Don and Wen, Folk Tale, Stuart France, Trickster

Callanish Calling: Threshold…


Anyway, Wen was wrong…

It’s not a ‘reckie’ we’re on, it’s a raid!


But before we can ‘plunder’ Lewis

of her treasury of stone,

we have to get past the Dweller…


There is some debate over what the name actually represents

but there is no doubt about the name.


The Old Man of Storr…


Some say it refers to the outline of the rock face,

others that it is the pinnacle itself,

which from one angle also possesses face-like features.


Still others claim the pinnacle is a giant’s thumb,

and that when the land mass slid…

it buried the giant beneath an ancient rock fall.


Whatever it is we know what it does;

it sucks clouds from the sky

and pours them down on the Isle as rain.


It seems to be doing this with extreme prejudice

just about now

which makes me think that

maybe the Old Man ‘has got wind’

of our intended raid…





15 thoughts on “Callanish Calling: Threshold…”

  1. Not only is the face of the old man showing strong and clear, but he appears to be holding up a finger from a fist in front of him. Yes, I believe he is not only going to create some wind but he is going to make sure you remember him!

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      1. Isn’t incredible how physical parts of this earth can have such strong effects emotionally and otherwise on us? Perhaps it is because we are one with the very cells of the universe even if we fail to outwardly acknowledge that . . .

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