Albion, Don and Wen, Stuart France, Trickster

Callanish Calling: Fingers of Stone…


Not only is the Old Man of Storr

hurling more water at us than we can shake a weather-vane at…


He is also depriving us of food, and drink, and shelter.


Not one of the food waggons we have eyed

with ever increasing desperation has been open.


In our last lay-by

by the ‘lake’,

after we had sort of slept,

as the rain fell,

the food-waggon which had been there

had disappeared when we sort of awoke…


Oh, and rest.

We are both now decidedly sleep deprived.


A good job then that our ‘trusty new steed’ is so sturdy.


15 thoughts on “Callanish Calling: Fingers of Stone…”

  1. Ah, these are always the times we remember most fondly. I remember working a road rally (yes I did that) many years ago, and our station along the rally was out in the boonies in the sand, no water for miles around. The car engine, though turned off, decided then to catch fire, and so we managed to get the hood open and get the fire out with sand and we had no food and no water to drink. Ah, I remember so well that lovely time. So as I said, though these times are tough physically they are often the best that we long remember. thank you so much.

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