Albion, ancient sites, Don and Wen, Stuart France, Trickster

Callanish Calling: Way-Stone…


Given that, by all accounts, the Way-Stone

was capable of getting us to the morn,

we wasted no time in putting the question…


And were met with a road length peal of laughter,

quite light and silvery it was considering it had come from a stone.


“You didn’t really think it would be that easy did you?” she laughed.

“It was worth a try,” said Wen.

“This is the Isle of Skye,” continued the Way-Stone, “Albion’s noblest warriors

were once trained here.”

“Oh!” said Wen.

“Nothing is given on Skye without a fight!”

“Ah!” said Wen, “Does that include your information for us?”

“A battle of wits,” said the Way-Stone.

“A riddle!”

“Un-riddle me this,” she said, “turn the road-side broad side to pitch-your-ride.”

Then she fell silent and would not say another word.


“I want to go home.”

“I want to get to Callanish,” said Wen.

“So do I.”



17 thoughts on “Callanish Calling: Way-Stone…”

  1. I love that stone figure along the road. He appears to be looking in that direction in the road and holding a flute that he wonders if he need play. He doesn’t appear at all sad or abused, but looking in wonder at what lies ahead.

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      1. I think the stone could incorporate both sexes, for are things in nature necessarily all one sex or the other? Hmmm, I mean, do we think of trees as all females or males, or what about all the other things? And in reality, are not all of us who count ourselves as human beings part male and part female, for it takes the sperm and the egg to create a human. Some humans are born with both sexes present, so my sense of it all is that we are all both, but it doesn’t always show itself so obviously except perhaps in our personalities or other parts that don’t necessarily look as we think they should.

        Anyway, I love this. So much food for thought . . .

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  2. And do we know that it is not a plural? After all, is it not made up of thousands and perhaps many more cells of the earth? So we call it a singular because it appears to be one single thing, but since we know that everything on this earth is comprised of multiple cells/parts/unnamed things, it makes sense to me. At any rate, it is my personal favorite. It appears to be very loveable but that is just my unjustifiable opinion (and it’s very true – chuckles).

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