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Callanish Calling: Port Uig…


I have fond memories of Holyhead and the ferry to Dublin.


These may, it is true, be now rose-tinted by time,

but I am sure that there is a pub in which we

enjoyed lunch and a couple of pints before boarding the ferry.


Uig is not like that.

It is more a drive to it, join the queue,

and board the ferry sort of place…


Which we eventually did,

but not before that dour Old Man of Storr

had a last go at us

by sucking the air out of one of our tyres.


A taciturn farewell from the petrol station attendant

and we were away from that now damp and dismal looking place

and heading toward what looked, from our new vantage

on the ferry, to be a decidedly damp and dismal isle.


As we approached the new land mass

it was completley masked by mist…


The Dragon’s Breath!


…But first impressions can oft times be deceptive.



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