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Calanais: Busy…


… ‘Busy’ would, perhaps, be a better word?


We do not mind busy stones at all,

and this lot look like they are dancing!


However, when the stones are busy with people,

things can get a bit disconcerting.


With its fairly recent visitor centre,

Callanish is now very definitely on the tourist map.


The coaches

arrive with sickening regularity,

to spew out their brightly coloured



Over the stones!


Thankfully, the coach parties

seldom spend any longer than

ten minutes on site.


And provide us with yet another reason

for an autumn or winter return,

or even spring…

if reason were still needed.






10 thoughts on “Calanais: Busy…”

  1. It is sad that people who come to look never go further with it. There is so much to learn from these sites throughout the world. Would that someone could put together a cohesive picture of what was happening in different parts of the earth at specific times, and how those things relate to other things going on in other parts or if they do. Are we really all that separate and distinct from one another? Are we affected by the weather, and other such outside things, or is there something inside that forms us in the manner that it does? So many things to truly wonder about and try to understand if we ever will in any lifetime. . .

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