Albion, ancient sites, Don and Wen, Stuart France

Calanais: Sentinels and Sights…


Some of the stones look too tall

and too thin

to have stood for so long.


Especially in this wind…


The sky over Lewis

is perhaps best described

as skittish.


If the clouds around Skye


here, they flit

like ghosts

are supposed.



as bones

of the earth

was given

yet, somehow,

when stood

they become ‘blood’.


Don’t ask…



12 thoughts on “Calanais: Sentinels and Sights…”

  1. This brings to mind so many images that I have seen or read about with stones of many different types. I think of the stones of the Great Wall in China and how many people’s blood was shed to create that wall, and all the huge stone monuments everywhere in the world where people must likewise have shed blood to get them where they are. And then there are the stones that were used to sacrifice people, or perhaps even to punish them. And I think about the stones that protected people in castles or other shelters, and those that were used to create places for those who had passed to rest. And the stones used to mark territories, or to celebrate great events. They were sacred to the people in so many locations, for the people went to great efforts to bring them where they made the biggest showing for the many folks. The stones are magical in so many ways. . .

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      1. I LOVE that. Yes, I agree. Stones have always been magical for me. Years ago, perhaps when I was in my early 30s, I was led to climb a little cliff and I am not prone to be a climber of anything. And it felt as though there was something I needed to find up above when I got to where I could reach over the top. As my hand moved over the surface, it came upon a rock, and as if by true magic, I knew then it was what I was looking for, and I held onto it tightly as I climbed down again. It was an interesting looking rock with a circle of color on a beige background, and for some reason, when I got it home. I put it into a container and filled it with water. I was sitting working with it nearby and I began to hear it making noises like a little sweet song of the most delicate type. I called it my singing rock, and I am pretty certain I still have it somewhere in my collection of odds and ends including interesting stones and other things I find on my walks.

        Yes, definitely. Stones are worth doing some meditation about them. So much they could offer to all of us. Thank you all so kindly.

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