Albion, ancient sites, Don and Wen, Stuart France

Calanais: Spirit…


We first coined the term ‘Spirit Stone’

at Waylands Smithy.


It has served us well,

denoting as it does, a stone,

which, like the spirit, holds many forms.


There is usually at least one such stone

at every site of note

which we have visited.


These days, though, there appear

to be more and more of them…


So, maybe it isn’t an objective

description at all!


6 thoughts on “Calanais: Spirit…”

  1. Oh, I think it is objective for sure. I think that you are seeing things in a new and positive spiritual way, both or all of you. When I look at these stones as they come to my consciousness, I see it too. This stone definitely has a spirit, perhaps different in its nature from ours as human beings, but then that makes sense too in an ever-evolving universe where everything seems to be evolving at different rates and in different ways. Who can say positively that this is not correct or does not exist? And when I say positively, I don’t mean just expressing yourself. There is as much, if not more, evidence that these things can and do exist. It is all good and I think all of us need to be open to possibilities. The fact that our consciousness or awareness if you like, perhaps doesn’t recognize things right now does not mean that they are not real. Our consciousness is striving to evolve too, and so may recognize some things but not all of them currently. I think that the work that Stuart, Sue and Steve are constantly engaging in offers us all a lot to think about. I really appreciate the level of work and thinking about our universe and the dedication that they show consistently. Thank you one and all.

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