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Calanais: Cnoc Fillibhir…


Since the advent of the Visitor Centre at the site,

there has been an attempt to rename Cnoc Fillibhir Bheag,

which some might render the ‘little hill of the long-seers’,

as plain old Callanish III…



Which is a shame because the circle,

like most of these ancient monuments,

has its own very unique signature…



As the current sequence of photographic

‘slides’ endeavours to illustrate.



And as, perhaps, can here be seen,

there may be more to those

hoary old folk tales…



That tell of people being

turned to stone

for dancing on the Sabbath.



…Than initially meets the eye.



Not that it was a Sabbath,

you understand,

and nor was anybody dancing as such!


Just treading the path to Fairy-Land…






20 thoughts on “Calanais: Cnoc Fillibhir…”

  1. I think in the reality of life, every day is a sacred day that the earth is still spinning, and I wonder if perhaps stones still have spirits that remain. In the photos, in some there are men and women and in others it appears that all of the stones are females, and they all appear to be doing sacred movements that the earth shares. As the earth lives, so live the stones. With meditation and contemplation, I think we will begin to see it sometime.

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