Albion, ancient sites, Don and Wen, Stuart France

Calanais: Folkal Points…


It seems strange now to think

that these sites were ever considered

in isolation from their surroundings

but they undoubtedly once were.


The backdrop and mythological landscape

for Callanish has been nicknamed, Sleeping Beauty,

which may explain part of the reason

why we find ourselves here.


It starts to become obvious

when enough of these monuments

have been visited:

they are focal points,

and we, as folk,

are an integral part of that!


There is though a caveat.


We are not meant to ‘gawp’ here,

but instead are invited to become involved.


That may not be as easy as at first supposed.

8 thoughts on “Calanais: Folkal Points…”

  1. I am putting out a lot of energy to get there in this lifetime to one of the great events, and who knows what will follow. I feel very drawn to all the lands you have been writing about. Thank you all so much. Yes, perhaps in dreamtime at least I can enjoy.

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