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Calanais: Silhouettes…


It is not normally advisable to shoot ‘into the sun’,

but in this eventually it felt permissable…



Consequently, it was really just

a case of holding the camera and clicking…



Which, presumably, is how ‘the hobbit’ managed

to sneak in to all of the shots!



18 thoughts on “Calanais: Silhouettes…”

  1. Loved the photos. This somehow reminded me of the conversation about Ghosts, and I came up with some thoughts about them. I think the whole idea of ghosts is humankind’s way of trying to understand that passage from life to the grave as it were. We really don’t know much about that first-hand, but I think there always seems to be some form of emotion connected with ghosts, and especially those who “wander” through time, trying to resolve some unresolved issues in their former “life” as it were. We really don’t know a lot about those shadowy figures that seem to appear out of nowhere. But then we don’t know much about death either.

    I know that this photos wasn’t really about ghosts per se, but something about it reminded me of that. I know that there is a talk coming up on that subject, and I think that it will be a very welcome topic. No one really knows first-hand, but I HAVE known a few people who died on an operating table and were brought back soon after. The people I know could not really describe what it was like either.

    Anyway, the photos reminded me of that “ghost” standing just outside the circles, and in the shadows, waiting . . . Great photos.

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