Albion, ancient sites, Don and Wen, Stuart France

Calanais: Achmore…


For those souls with a feel for the living land,

it would be wise to ‘turn away’ at this point.


The ‘dark back-drop form’ in the landscape depiction above

is the line of hills known as the Cailleach-na-Mointeach.


The ‘Old Woman of the Moor’ also features as the

‘Moon-scape’ which the stones of Callanish still

track with pin-point accuracy to this day.


The fore-ground uprights in the same depiction

show Achmore Stone Circle as it was originally constructed.


Unfortunately, only one of the uprights

from the circle is still standing.


As an indication of the former glory of this site,

a now recumbant upright ‘glows’.



15 thoughts on “Calanais: Achmore…”

  1. This is incredible. The knowledge of the people who created this has to have been so sophisticated to create a way to track the light from the moon with such amazing accuracy. And the recumbent stone – does it glow like this all the time? It is absolutely beautiful! Oh, to be where I could see everything first-hand. It would be easier to read without errors so often on my part. I am just glad to be able to be a part of this truly magical experience. I thank each and every one of you for that.

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