Albion, ancient sites, Don and Wen, Stuart France

Stone-Circle ‘Gold’…


Back on the ferry

and we are assessing

the worthiness or otherwise

of our ‘madness’…


The somewhat inevitable conclusion is

ย it simply had to be done,

it was more than worth it,

and we would be going back,

one day…


We did not dwell on our successful raid.


A long drive still lay ahead of us.


We needed to get as close to Dumfries

as we could before nightfall.


20 thoughts on “Stone-Circle ‘Gold’…”

  1. I think all of these adventures are worth as many return trips as possible. I would not imagine that all that could be learned or experienced could be completed in just one trip. Of course there ARE so many interesting parts to visit and learn about. It is all good and I am so glad we get to go too, even if only while sitting in our work chairs or rocking chairs or out in our backyards as it were.

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