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Too tired to think…


…Four hours later,

the rain stopped and we

re-hit the road.


The deflating tyre which had plagued us

again and again,

the whole trip, was worsening

and meant it was too risky to use any motorways.


But the art of the lay-by was not strained.

We pulled into another one

just outside Dumfries.


This lay-by held the boon of sleep,

and a resolution.


On awakening we found a garage

and got the tyre changed.


Strange to say,

it was the first opportunity to do so

since Penrith.


“How different would things have

been had that first garage changed the tyre back then?”




19 thoughts on “Too tired to think…”

  1. You know, you have made an excellent point about fate and how sometimes delays and other things that get in the way of us doing things can be an unexpected boon to us. I have found that true many times in this life. In fact, I was remembering when I was attending school in my last year of my first degree in archaeology. I found myself short of credits in a foreign language, and I was able then to go down into Mexico to attend a quick course at a little school in Cholula, Mexico. Well, there were lots of other ladies attending, and at this time I was probably in my 30s. So one night we were late getting to the cafeteria to get some supper. We had to walk to the bus stop, and it was a good distance on a dirt road through the Mexican countryside, and it was getting dark. As luck would have it, we missed the bus. Strangely, or perhaps not, that bus had a serious accident (quite common in those parts), and many people on the crowded bus were hurt badly. So yes, these things do happen, and one wonders if it is fate or that somehow protects us . . .

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