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Notes from a small dog – stardom and sausages

Ani girl

“We’re going to give you a starring role,” they said. About time, I thought. Then I had another thought…this, is them. Was this, I wondered, the guilt trip… the bit where they try and cajole me for leaving me out of their new book. Then, pretending innocence, and mentioning a certain Black Beast that prowls through the pages of that tome, they try and drag me into more of their wild and woolly literary schemes? What were they up to this time, I wondered? Bet they wanted something like a shot of a dog’s rear end disappearing into the trees… They have no sense of dignity at all… at least, not mine. It’s a conspiracy.

Given what they have put me through so far, I was in no mind to comply. There were tennis balls to be chased… and interesting smells from her shopping bag to investigate… You have to remember, I am a glossy black creature of both canine and female variety… name of Ani… ‘cept they write about a lad named Anu… They seem to like turning everything on its head. Holding a mirror up to reality or some such… Though why that necessitates me having a virtual sex change, I don’t know…

It is bad enough that they turn me white every so often. And give me wheels… though it could be worse. So far they haven’t made me into a cat. If they do… they can find themselves another Muse.

And they call me a daft dog?

“Come on, girlie, what’s this?” Well, okay… I’m not that daft. She uses that honeyed voice and I have to go and check… just in case… but they weren’t going to fool me.. I could see the camera thingy…

sausages 003

But… I could also see something dangling that looked far too interesting to ignore… They’d been messing about with them already… doing really weird things even for them…. and wouldn’t let me get a proper sniff… so I had to ‘vestigate. It’s my job, see?

Now, while I’m doing my best to get close, I could hear the camera thingy going click, but you have to get your priorities right. I don’t often see sausages… and dangling right in front of my nose at that… I’d been smelling ’em cooking for ages too….

I weighed up my options… and made a gentle lunge… just testing. Blow me down if they didn’t let me get the sausages! A whole string of ’em!

sausages 00111

Well, I wasn’t hanging about,let me tell you!
“Quick!” he says…
“Too late…”
“How many did you get?”
“Six… maybe two of any use…” she says, clicking through her pictures.
“Only six?”
Ha! Me, I’d had twelve

sausages 006

“There’s still another dozen…” I pricked up my ears at that… Well, you never know your luck…
“I’ll have to cook them first…”
They didn’t seem to be forthcoming though. Still, I know they are in the fridge… waiting…

Sometimes, stardom has its perks. In this case, sausages.


Though quite what they are planning on doing with those pictures, I don’t know… All I know is that there was a certain amount of celebrating going on…

Which means they’re up to something again.

We’ll just have to wait and see…
Much love,
Ani xxx

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