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Blade Runner has entered the annals of film folklore… For a number of reasons… The voice-over and studio enforced ending on the original theatrical release… Being just two… Each of these aberrations alone… Would have been capable of rendering a classic… Redundant… Together, they ensured that the film was never again mentioned… Let alone thought about… Until more than two decades later… When the Final Cut emerged… With those two atrocities removed… And the re-addition of Deckard’s unicorn vision… The film was at last free to take its rightful place in the halls of art-house fame…


Unicorns appear in both Folk Tales… And heraldry… And, like mermen and mermaids… Were a staple of sea-travellers tales for long centuries… The latter are now widely held to have originated in distant sightings of seals, while the former have, by some, been put down to the existence of narwhal’s… Such theories do not account for the presence of the unicorn in heraldry which harks back to long ages past… The ruling ‘elites’ are fond of claiming supernatural descent… As a means to bolster their claims to singularity… Nor are they shy of claiming, Fairies, Nagas, or Djinn… As their forebears.


Unicorns also frequently feature in the depictions used to illustrate alchemical texts… Here, they are regarded as emblems… And appear to be emblematic of Spirit… Scott certainly wasn’t pulling any punches in the future he envisioned for us all… The trajectory that moves from vision… To implanted memory…To origami figure… Acts like a blow upon a bruise… In leading to the film’s inevitable conclusion… Science fiction rarely, if ever, becomes science fact… Said our English language teacher when defending his decision to have us read Hardy at ‘O’ Level… If he had only known.


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