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The Head-Stones of Boa Isle…

County Fermanagh, Wednesday, June 15th, 2022…



Despite the plaited hair

this side of the ‘Janet and John’ stone

is now regarded as a masculine figure.



Whilst this is the feminine.


The hair of the two figures is entwined,

and it may be that the ‘belts’ of both figures

is actually a binding.



In the oldest part of the Battle of Moytura,

the ‘Good-God’ of the Crafty Folk, who is also a giant,

takes the Morrigan on his back into battle…



A cup very full,

full of honey…

mead in abundance,

summer in winter.



Has time erased an eye or

was the stone originally sculpted in this way?


Despite numerous rather elaborate hypotheses

the most obvious candidate for

the character of Balor in the tale is a holed-stone

and although we did not get to see one

there are a number of such stones in the vicinity.


Had the hands been a little lower on this stone

it would be mighty tempting to regard it

as a weather-worn Sheela-na-Gig!


There is an old photograph from the seventies

which shows the stone in a suggestive arrangement

with the two-faced stone, as if they bore a relationship

to each other, which at that time was fully understood?


There is a third stone between them which now

appears to be behind the two-faced stone

and can still be seen in the second photograph, above.


The stones have evidently been moved since then

so it is reassuring that the visiting folk

still see fit to leave offerings for them.



Which just leaves these ‘fellas’…


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