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The Twins of Macha…

County Armagh, Friday, 17th June 2022…



For one of the most important sites in the country

there was not very much to see.


It was also raining quite heavily

so any shots taken were infested

with rain-drops masquerading as orbs.


It was nevertheless apparent

that there is something very fine

and rarefied about the place.


It is just difficult to say, precisely,

what that something is.



From a more literary stand-point,

even if we accept the current officially held time-line,

there are at least two distinct pre-historical periods

represented in the texts which have been merged.


In the stone age story Balor’s evil eye

is dispatched with a sling-shot.


In the bronze age story a spear is used.


This represents a possible time lapse

of some three, to six thousand years!



The archaeology is of little if no help, whatsoever,

although some of what stood

within the earthwork enclosure and ditch,

was burned a very long time ago

just like the bones of the once living

at the court-cairns.



There was though,

a guardian dragon…



…Which on closer inspection

looked more like a boar…



…and there was also another

green wyrm-hole,

that no one was brave enough

to venture down for fear of the consequences.




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