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Giant’s Ring…

County Down, Friday, 17th June, 2022…



No one views the biblical story

of David and Goliath

with anything other than complete veracity.



Yet the biblical time frame

is nothing if not sketchy.



How long from the beginnings

of time did all this purportedly occur?



Is a question few people think to ask.



One thing is for sure,

all the sacred sites we have been considering are way,

way older than our accepted time-frame

is willing, or able, to admit.


Which pretty much means

that everything else about them is also up for grabs…




When these sites are not attributed

to the work of the Devil by folklore

they are, inevitably, put down to giants

and legendary figures of the past like

Fionn, or Robin, or Arthur, and some

of the original Celtic Saints,

also, become cast in this light.


And even in some of the Irish Folktales

it is clear that Fionn and his band of Fenians

dwell in a land of giants.*


The scientifically minded amongst us,

of which there are now so very few,

laugh out loud, when they hear this, and roll their eyes…



But before there were only lizards,

and newts, and snakes,

there were also dinosaurs.


*See, Fionn Mac Cumhail and the King’s son – In Myths and Folktales of Ireland by Jeremiah Curtin.

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