Art, Folk Tale, TOLL, Trickster

Cloak of Feathers…


Photo – Sue Vincent


Loki was bored.


He wandered up and down

the causeways of Asgard

kicking his heels…


…Passing Frigg’s place

Loki heard a familiar sob and sniffle.


He entered and Frigg looked up

and then immediately away again

in a vain attempt to hide her distress

from the wily trickster god.


“He’s gone again hasn’t he?” asked Loki.


“No one seems to know where,” confirmed Frigg.



Photo – Sue Vincent


“The ever wandering wide wanderer,” consoled Loki,

“If you lend me your cloak of feathers,

I could go to look for him,” he suggested,

his bright eyes dancing with mischief.


“Try Grid’s place first,” implored Frigg,

“It will not be the first or last time

he has holed up there.”


Loki took to the air

in a great, sweeping, arc

and then headed for Jotunheim.



Photo – Sue Vincent


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