Albion, ancient sites, Art, Folk Tale, TOLL, Trickster



In the stories we are considering

the Gods have already been humanised,

to the extent that their god powers

are attributed to manufactured tools.



Thor’s hammer may still be made of stone

but its magical crafting is given emphasis.



Odin, it seems, retains his animal powers

in the form of ravens, and wolves,

and is correspondingly elevated in the pantheon.


He sacrifices an eye to gain wisdom

from the world tree.


Which might mean he has half an eye

on the plant realm too.



Weirdly, the trickster, Loki is the most god-like

in that his powers are still all psychological.



Even some of the Jotunn,

or ‘eaters’, have strength weapons

albeit those that do, like Grid, tend to

side with the gods.



In this respect these stories are late.















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