Albion, ancient sites, Art, Folk Tale, TOLL, Trickster

Greip’s Tale…


…With the river flow returned

to normal levels Thor was able to

grab the trunk of a Rowan tree

growing out of the river bank and haul

himself and Loki back on to dry land.



The two gods made their way to Gerriod’s Garth

covered in mud, and sunk deep in a sullen mood.



They were welcomed by a giant servant

who directed them to a goat shed with one

chair and a smattering of dirty straw littering the floor.



Loki slunk off to wash himself in a nearby stream

while Thor collapsed into the chair and began to doze.



Thor woke from his drifting doze

to find himself and the chair propelled

towards the roof rafters at an alarming rate.



He stuck Grid’s staff against the roof

and pushed with all his might

sending the chair back down to the ground, with

a huge crash, breaking the ribs and spine of Greip

who had been directing it upwards from below.




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