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County Sligo, Carrowmore, Tuesday 26th July 2022…



It is natural to think that things start small

and then get bigger.



But in this case it just makes the question

of where the builders went to

that much more difficult to answer.



But if they started big, and then got smaller,

they could, indeed, have just dwindled away?



And who says the big sites

have the same function

as the small sites anyway?


From what we see here,

the small sites are aligned radially

to the big site, like a sun and its planets,

or a planet and its satellites,

or indeed, even a bull surrounded by his herd



The Tour Guide did throw out

at least one gem…



“The otherworldly being is a sidhe,” he said,

“the entrance to their otherworldly realm is a sidhe,

and is usually a mound, or a barrow,

but sometimes it can be a cave too,

and the otherworldly realm itself is a sidhe.”



“Why, thank you, sir.”


di at ashridge 021


…The watchman at the house of Sweet-Mouthed

Maeve and Aillil Silver-Tongue, saw the fair company

as they traversed the game plain of Cruachan.

He ran to his lord, “You have news from

your lookout,” said Aillil Silver-Tongue.

“I have O Lord,” said the watch, “for there is

a great host approaching the fort, and a nobler

or handsomer company of men can never have

been seen in these lands; the wind that blows from them

is such that my head may as well be in a vat of wine…


Heart of Albion – Stuart France & Sue Vincent

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