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Queen Maebh’s Cairn?…

County Sligo, Carrowmore, Tuesday 26th July 2022…



Whilst it is a reconstruction

there is nothing to overtly suggest

that it is modelled on the cairn on top of the hill?



The name Maebh derives from ‘mead’ which is why

in some of the Old Irish texts she is called ‘sweet-mouthed’.



Queen Maebh is another one of the major characters in,

‘The Ulster Spoil’, that huge, sprawling, epic of a tale.



The tale proper which is really

the story of a fight between the provinces

of Connaught and Ulster over

who has the stronger bull

is preceded by a number of fore-tales

all of which provide greater or lesser contributory causes

for the conflict which, inevitably, results, as most conflicts do,

in the slaughter of warriors from both sides on a massive scale.



Presumably, the tale was told, and retold, and eventually

committed to vellum, by the ecclesiastical scribes at Clonmacnoise,

to prevent such wholesale slaughter ever again happening in the future.



If that was the reason,

then, sadly, this seems, now,

the vainest of vain hopes!


But then again, as they like to say

in these parts, very few Irish kings

ever died in their bed.


Diana and co north 040


…Said Very-White, “it is but a drop before a shower:

 I see another chariot coming over the plain.”

“Describe it,” said Sweet-Mouthed Maeve.

Said Very-White, “I see the

horses pulling the chariot:

two fiery, spirited bays of

great strength and power;

wide of hoof, with

sweat spittled chests

and curbed jaws;

high mettled their

broad foreheads

their manes curled;

swift and smooth,

they run a tumultuous course

of wild and dashing pace.


A chariot of fine wood,

its wicker-work new and freshly spruced,

having two wheels of bronze;

its pole bright with gold mountings.


In the chariot a man

much freckled,

his hair long and curly:

his tresses tri-hued;

brown at root

red in mass with

tips corn yellow.


About his body

a crimson tunic

striped gold.

A shield alongside

yellow bossed

edged in bronze.

From his wrist shoots

a shining broad sword.


A grandly moving billow

waves from his chariot frame…



Heart of Albion – Stuart France & Sue Vincent

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