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Nellies Rock?…

County Roscommon, Tuesday 26th July 2022…



The ‘oldest’ tomb at Carrowmore has recently been

controversially dated to the Late Mesolithic,

using the latest new-fangled dating method,

but the folk of that time are not supposed to have been

building tombs and burying the remains of their kinsfolk.



That privilege is reserved for the ‘agriculturalists’!



Modern agriculturalists show little respect

for any of the monuments, be they Mesolithic, Neolithic

or indeed Bronze or Iron age…



With many of the sites, even some of the

managed sites, resembling ‘Megalithic Zoos’…


Boo Hoo!


Although now ‘out of bounds’,

as late as the nineteenth century, allegedly,

Nellie and child once called this dolmen their home.


Now, it just looks like an elephant,

or something even larger stamped on it…


From an original painting, ‘Earth-walking’ by Sue Vincent.


The first key is bigger than me

and inside is a box

identical but smaller

in order to fit

with another key…


Key number two is as big as you

whose mote is my beam

now clearly seen as I click the lock

and find inside another box

identical but smaller…


Key number three but

what will we see as we flick the lock

and peer inside the box?

A heart

blood-red and still beating…


The ground starts to shake with footfalls

much bigger than me

and a large eye appears

at the window.


‘Fee… Fie… Foh… Fum…’

says the Giant.


Giants Dance – Stuart France & Sue Vincent


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