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Bend it like the Boyne…

County Meath, Saturday, 30th July 2022…


The Whispering Spring


“What did they say,

oh, what did they say?”



They said, “knowing these people,

it would not be beyond the bounds of possibility

that the ‘Bend in the Boyne’ was manufactured.”


‘Manufactured’ is the correct word

even though it now has a modern,

rather hollow ring to it.



What is so appealing about the Irish myths

is that they put things very simply.


‘Aini had the form of a great white cow

but she also had the form of a fair and beautiful woman.’

Heart of Albion


And isn’t that

just the finest thing

you have ever heard?


The Dagda certainly thought so

and he wanted to sleep with this beautiful woman

who was also a white cow even though

she was living with someone else, called Elcmair…



It is tempting to regard such statements

as symbolic, perhaps…


Plan of the New Grange passage-cairn.


As most people are aware,

on a clear day, the first rays of the rising sun,

on the shortest day of the year, enter the New Grange

passage cairn and now illuminate the famous triple spiral carving.


The passage way is lit by a beam of sunlight

for seventeen seconds

before being plunged back into darkness.



Rumours of such a ‘light-science’

in the rural Irish landscape

had been rife for many decades

before being publicly demonstrated,

beyond reasonable doubt,

in the nineteen-eighties, by a trio of local artists.


‘Rank amateurs’ as some would doubtless have it.


Such rumours having been summarily dismissed,

which is not to say overtly ridiculed,

without investigation, by succeeding

generations of archaeological expertise.


Why would this be so

we have to wonder?



And why are countless astrological alignments

at so many other sites still viewed with a similar skepticism,

if not contempt, by the current crop of so called experts?


It may also be worth mentioning

that the properties of the various mounds

in the Boyne Valley Complex were cryptically

encoded into the mythological record!



Clever, huh?


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